CASE STUDY: “The impact and importance of #metoo”


(This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “The impact and importance of #metoo” with co-host Matt from Kink at the Paysite Meetup.)

Matt’s boyfriend called out from the other room, “OMG. Garrison Keillor!” Matt responded, “Dead or sexual predator?” There were just two options in 2017.

As powerful men fell, one by one, Matt thought about his friends and co-workers and his industry. From one point of view the rules were clearer in content production than in the normal workplace. They had to be clear.

What would #metoo look like in 2018 for his office and other paysite offices around the world?

He reflected, “At times of change, it may be scary for us to speak out about our place in the conversation; as a male, is it okay to lead the discussion? How do I make amends for my past behavior? As a female, is it necessary for me to tell my story now? Is it okay to still feel vulnerable about my resolve to speak out? Can I support others without sharing my whole self?”

These were the main challenges Matt saw:

  • Finding a Place for my voice
  • Knowing when to speak and listen
  • Deciding the proper recourse for offenders

“We win by eliminating these stories, which means stamping out offenders and making visible a zero-tolerance policy and setting the proper tone.” Matt thought. Prevention is mandated only through action and decisiveness against offenders.

  • Listening and responding
  • Designating advocates throughout the office to help make crucial decisions in a confidential manner
  • Taking an honest look at how these issues are already pervasive in minor ways in our offices

Questions for discussion

  1. How are we listening and responding to sexual harassment?
  2. Are we designating advocates to help make crucial decisions in a confidential manner?
  3. How honest are we willing to be about how these issues are already pervasive in minor ways in our offices?

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