CASE STUDY: “SEO Go or No Go?”


(This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “SEO Go or No Go?” with co-host Jesse from Kink at the Paysite Meetup.)

Jesse sat nervously in his seat at the monthly executive meeting on the top floor of Armory in San Francisco. Each executive ahead of him presented great results and asked for more resources. Jesse knew his results looked bad. He also knew that they weren’t actually bad…but he had to tell his story well to get everyone else to agree. Otherwise, no resources.

He rehearsed his key points, “Traffic is down, no short term improvement possible, I need more dev resources.” Yeah, this was gonna be a tough sell.

Search engine optimization isn’t sexy, he thought. But it makes bank. Over the years he had dedicated himself to growing organic search traffic. He had read hundreds of pages of Google resources on how give Google what they need to understand his site and deliver it as a quality result to searchers.

The changes he made were based on best practices and also on fixing dumb stuff. Even so, there were challenges. He rehearsed another part of his speech to the executive team, “There is no one way to the top and even if we do everything right, we may still get out ranked for many factors. Devoting resources and dev time to these projects can be hard because it’s long term revenues and profits, not quick things to increase short term sales.”

His recommendation was simple: Win by dedicated resources, tracking changes to core algorithms and measure success with more, better converting traffic.

He would close with some specific requests for the next period:  Focus on structured data, the importance of canonicals, mobile first SEO, etc.

His colleague Sara was finishing her presentation. He was next. He was confident in his story and his recommendations. Would the executive team agree?

Questions for discussion

  1. Have you checked Search Console lately to see the issues Google has with your site?
  2. Do you regularly check any SEO sites for new updates, hints, tricks?
  3. When was the last time you did an SEO Audit either internally or with a hired party?

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