CASE STUDY: “Money, Money, Money: UX”


(This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Money, Money, Money: How the Paysite Pros do Billing – UX” with co-hosts Mitch and Thierry of Vendo at the Paysite Meetup.)


“When did forms stop sucking?” Adam asked himself as he filled out another form on another site to become that site’s newest customer.

It used to be that forms were full of problems. They were unclear. You would see them and it was like hitting a brick wall. Even if you wanted what the site had you thought twice about filling out the form to enter.

But then at some point – it seemed to him the change happened in the last year – things changed.

It seemed like everyone in Silicon Valley and in the rest of tech head cracked the code on forms.

It was easier than ever to go from surfing in a laid-back “let’s see what’s out there” position to engaging fully with the site.

How had they done it? How could he crack the code for his site? Adam guessed that the sites he visited tested lots and lots of ideas. “But as a small company,” Adam wondered, “how can I take advantage of these ideas I’m seeing?”

Should he just copy? It seemed like there was a huge variety of approaches to UX. How would he know what would work best for his site? Which UX is right for each product and shopper? Which will help people to go from surfing to engaging with him at a deeper level? There are so many ideas yet and so little traffic and barely any tech resources. What should he measure? Conversions?

How would he start?

3 Questions

  1. How do you improve your sales process user experience (pre-join, join, etc.) for each product and shopper?
  2. Which UX / forms do you prefer? (ask each member of the audience)
  3. How big of a difference can improving UX bring?


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