CASE STUDY: “Money, Money, Money: Customer Support”


(This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Money, Money, Money: How the Paysite Pros do Billing – Customer Support” with co-hosts Mitch and Thierry of Vendo at the Paysite Meetup.)


“Really? I don’t think that’s the case for my company,” Victor told Sam. They were talking about repeat customers. People who buy more than once. Sam told him that many of his customers stick around for three months or so…then cancel and come back six or twelve months later.

Victor asked how many customers repeated. The figure shocked him. Sam said that 20% of his business was repeat customers. Victor had never run a report on it before. He looked at repeating payment methods and email addresses and found that, yes, he did have a lot of repeat customers. Immediately he thought about his customer support.

“How am I treating my customers on the way out?” Victor asked himself. “Is it the kind of process I would want to go through? Does it make them want to come back?”

He started to put together a checklist… online chat, phone, email, all in the user’s language, surveys, offers, etc. How could he make customer support a profit center? Victor asked himself, “How can I make my site a place that users don’t mind coming back to?”

3 questions:

  1. What is your goal for customer support?
  2. How would you like to be treated?
  3. What is the right mix of chat, email and phone support?

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