Paysite Meetup: Interview with Paul



Mitch recently interviewed Paul about the Paysite Meetup… if you haven’t registered go to now.

Mitch: How did you first hear about the paysite meetup?

Paul: Actually we were meeting with the Vendo team in Barcelona to discuss ways of optimizing the service to yield more income. At the end of our meeting our managing director Francois Noble mentioned that it would be nice to setup a paysites/content producers type of brainstorm and meeting, and Mitch and Thierry said hey, thats exactly what we wanted to bring up. The discussion went forward regarding details and everything moved into place fairly quickly from that point.

M: What do you think of Prague as a location for the first paysite meetup?

P: I think its a fantastic location. Easily accessible and one of the major hubs for European production.

M: What do you think are the benefits of having a meetup with a focus on paysite owners?

P: I think the major benefit of a such a meetup is connecting with like-minded individuals dealing with the same or similar issues and putting our heads together to find solutions to the problems that face us all today. It’s long overdue, and with open minds, I believe such a meet can only benefit those who attend.

M: What topics do you think are important to cover when paysite owners get together?

P: The beauty of such meetups is that topics will come up that were not even thought of and with bright minds in attendance solutions and ideas generated. We put together a short list of topics we felt could use discussion and brainstorming. Those are – Relationsships with Tubesites – Dealings with Discount Sites – Future of the Paysite Model – Membership vs VOD/PPS – High Converting Traffic Sources – Media Buy.

M: How do you think this meetup will differ from a standard tradeshow?

P: Well if its anything like the traditional Vendo meetups/conferences attendees will leave with fruitful new relationships, have spawned new ideas for business, figured out solutions to some of their problems, and will have helped others solve some of their problems. A creation of community between peers tends to take place, and we feel that is long overdue for paysite owners/content producers.  Its very rare these days to find many (or any) content producers/paysite owners speaking about the challenges that face us all today.

M: Are you planning on sharing any of your company’s story at the meetup?

P: Yes, sure. We’ve been successful in the space for nearly two decades, so we are happy to speak about our success and our trial and error.

M: Who are you looking forward to meeting with?

P: Any Content Producers/Paysite owners who have open minds and want to find solutions together to the Problems we all face and brainstorm ways to prosper and rise above in the times ahead.

M: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing paysite owners today?

P: I think one of the most dangerous things in our business is that this generation of consumers is being trained that everything can be had for free, or highly discounted. If such a trend continues, paysites will not be able to continue outputting high quality content.

M: What motivated DDF to get involved with Vendo and Xbiz?

P: We have been working with Vendo for over a year now, and with XBIZ for several years. Two very reputable brands with good people leading the way. Were happy to collaborate with such a team as we know they are professional, respected throughout the industry, and pave new roads. We would like to open up some new paved roads for content producers/paysites, so here we go.


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