AI Pricing Results Updated Daily
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Today Vendo is launching a live, daily update from our AI. It will share the day’s AI pricing results across thousands of paysites.

Our AI is called Aria. Vendo is the only company using AI to set prices in our industry. So far, Aria has set hundreds of millions of prices. She learns and improves with each price.

As of this writing she is increasing revenue for thousands of paysites by an average of +8.19%. That means that if you made $1m with old prices (fixed prices that don’t respond to shoppers) then you would make $81,900 more with Aria setting prices for each shopper.

Each day she will update Twitter and Facebook with her increase in revenue for paysites over old, fixed prices. Follow the results on Twitter @VendoServices and Facebook @VendoServices

Here’s a sample of what the results look like.

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