Why We’re Launching Paysite Meetup


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We’re launching the new Paysite Meetup in Prague on May 4. www.paysitemeetup.com


Paysites want high quality, valuable industry gatherings 

Most industries learn and share information at gatherings.

Paysite pros can learn and share with each other. They just need the right venue and format.

We hope we’re providing it with Paysite Meetup.

Paysites want their own version of the Vendo Partner Conference

We’ve hosted the Vendo Partner Conference for the last three years. It’s a unique event for industry leaders to have real conversations about leadership and analytics. They love it. It’s an exclusive event and there’s a waiting list.

Paysites pros deserve their own version dedicated to paysite specific topics. Take a look at the topics here and let us know your thoughts www.paysitemeetup.com/schedule

Sign up today @ www.paysitemeetup.com!


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