Old tools are for old rules


To Our Partners,

Old risk tools were built for old risk rules.

When Visa announced the new EU rules that went into effect July 1st the industry started scrambling for new tools to manage risk. The old tools couldn’t manage both profitability and safety.

Three years ago, when we began developing our new artificially intelligent risk tools, we could not have predicted the timeliness of their arrival.

Our new AI risk solution is significantly outperforming all of our previous risk tools – both internally developed and third party. It’s helping you stay profitable and safe under the new limits.

We work hard to be the dynamic biller. Our teams of analysts, developers and risk specialists are dedicated to bringing artificially intelligent solutions like pricing and risk to our partners.

We’re proud that our new risk tools are built for the new risk rules.

Best Regards,
Thierry Arrondo
Managing Director, Vendo

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