Pre-VPC Check In: Collaboration Tools

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A year ago at the Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona I shared my view that when there is a problem in a company it always boils down to communication.

That belief drives me to continually experiment with new tools for collaboration and communication. What I found was that a lot of you feel the same and we had a great session. This year we will be doing a follow up on Wednesday, September 14th at 13:15 (be sure to check the schedule for last minute changes).

A lot has changed since we met a year ago, but a lot has stayed the same as well. Like last year I will be joining remotely via one of my favorite tools Google Hangouts. Slack is sure to be a hot topic again this year.


I’d love to hear some stories about how your slack use has matured over the last year. Has it continued to be the tool you thought it was? Has it lost some of its shine? I’d specifically like to hear from someone that has integrated it with other collaboration tools successfully (github, jira, nagios, pingdom, zendesk, etc). Is anyone using it with deeper integrations?


basecampcollabtoolWithout a doubt the biggest tool for us at Vendo in 2016 has been Basecamp 3. If you haven’t tried it or have tried an earlier version and weren’t convinced I highly recommend a second look. Version 3 has solved a lot of old problems and really forced its way to the top of our list. It’s free to try. I will invite everyone in the session to collaborate on a project so that they can see how it works.


During last year’s session we ran out of time before we could finish the discussion. So if you have any specific tools or topics that you would like to discuss please let me know ahead of time. I will try to work them into the plan.

See you all at the VPC!


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