5 Things We Learned Using Facebook Live


5 things vendo learned from using facebook live

Chances are by now you have seen at least one Facebook Live feed. Live streams are given priority in feeds by Facebook now.

We’ve played around with a few Facebook Live feeds in recent weeks, Here are 5 things we learned using this new social media tool.

1. It’s fun

This is a fun tool. You can click a button and be live to an entire audience. We loved sharing footage of the Vendo Beach Volleyball Tournament. We received great feedback from our friends who were not able to attend the games, but could still watch it online live.

This is a great tool to let your audience get a sneak peak into your company culture.

2. It’s work

OK, so you clicked the go live button, what now?

Before going live you need a little planning. We compose a rough outline of the points we would like to touch on during our live casts.The outline prevents awkward silences and the classic “umms” and “ahhs” that come with public speaking. You don’t need a full script but make sure to be prepared with an outline on your talking points.

3. It’s not perfect

We are talking about a live tool here. It is susceptible to glitches and errors. On one of our recent feeds we lost our internet connection in the middle of a presentation. It is something you have to expect. You are not working in a studio setting here, this is live.

Issues may also arise depending on the device you are using. Some phone mics are more sensitive than others. Some phones have better video quality. Make sure to take this into account before going live.

4. It’s useful

Your videos are stored on your page. This means anyone can reference them at anytime. We have hosted webinars in the past. Webinars usually require attendees to login at a set time and platform. With the Facebook Live tool we can air a presentation and it will automatically be available to any of our partners around the world.

5. It needs experimentation

As we experiment with more live videos we continue to learn more methods to get the most out of this new tool.

What have been your experiences with live video? What methods have you found work well? Let us know.

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