The Importance of asking for Customer Feedback


I spent a big portion of this month interviewing several of our clients. I wanted to perform an audit of our services and technical platform and see how they feel about Vendo in general.


It was more rewarding than I had expected. The information collected was varied and full of details. It gave us a very good, up to date picture of areas of strength and where we can improve.


We focused first on each customer’s preferences. What did they value about our relationship? How were those things unique and different from our competitors?


Secondly we discussed areas of potential improvement. What they would like us to add to our services? How could these improvements be a win-win scenario to all parties. We value this kind of feedback as we make decisions about where to focus our efforts.


We saw some common trends emerge in our conversations with different clients. They gave us  insights into what is currently considered  valuable to the market.


Lastly, these interviews let our customers know that their opinions and ideas matter to us. We take the time to ask questions, listen to their needs and continuously work on improving our products and services for customers.


If you’re thinking about hitting up your clients for some real feedback I’d highly recommend it. I was nervous at first. I guess I didn’t know what they would say. But the good feedback and honest discussion of how we can improve really helps us to prioritize our efforts. It’s a conversation that we’ll keep going. Give it a try!

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