Internships: Why You Need One


This summer I’ve had the privilege of interning at Vendo. After an intense year of classes, what motivated me to spend the majority of my summer vacation working in an office as an intern? Well, let me explain.

I’m in an international business Msc program, and my home university in Montréal has a great forum with local internship opportunities. And you’d think they would have international internship opportunities as well. Nope. It felt weird to graduate with an international business degree, without any international work experience.  So my hunt for an internship began in the fall of 2015, and now here I am in Barcelona with Vendo!

Getting an internship is extremely valuable to my academic development, and if you’re a business student like me, here is why you should consider getting one:


  1. It allows you to standout to your future employer: in an increasingly competitive world, internships have become an unspoken requirement. Good grades and an impeccable cover letter are no longer enough. Employers want to know what you’ve done.
  2. It allows you to apply the knowledge that you’ve been gaining in your lectures.  There’s the saying “knowledge is key” but you need to know how to use and apply that knowledge. An internship allows that.
  3. You gain confidence.  Once you’re ready to enter the workforce, it’s not such a big deal because you’ve already worked in an office environment.
  4. You may like what you study, but working in that field is entirely different. Is your planned career path right for you? An internship can help you decide that.
  5. Some people excel academically, and others don’t. If university wasn’t your thing, now is your time to shine.
  6. You gain experience with the hiring process: often the internship selection process is extremely competitive and intense. But the more times you go through the process, the more confident you become with the whole thing.
  7. It’s a great opportunity to network


Thank you Vendo for this valuable, incredible and educational experience!



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