Vendo Beach Volleyball Tournament


In Barcelona last month we organized a Beach Volleyball tournament. We invited our peers from the industry to compete. It was a massive success. 10 companies participated, 8 teams competed and over 100 people attended.

At Vendo we host these types of networking / team bonding activities regularly, either within our company or with clients and other industry folks at tradeshows, in our offices and in different parts of the globe.

We focus these gatherings in positive environments, create memories, and forge strong roots to improve the way we work together.

How else could we share our company culture with our stakeholders? We’re all running fast. The first thing to do is take some time to be together. We need to slow down to share values and good will. Relationships are built on trust first, and then later on a logical, rational level.

Our stakeholders, be it clients, employees, or suppliers make our success possible. Without their support, effort and trust, nothing that we ever planned or dreamed of, could have been possible. We want them to participate in developing our culture.

The other key point of these events is to start relationships that will lead to strategic alliances and referrals. Networking is a key aspect to business development and growth, and having these events allows us to reach new people that could be valuable to each other.

It’s fun and rewarding at the same time!

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