Software Eats Billing (Part 1)


What do nerdy, science fiction reading kids do when they grow up?

They try to build the world of their dreams. They work on realizing their visions of the future.

It’s a frustrating way to live, obviously. There’s a big gap between the life that we dream and the life that we live. Our dreams cause tension. And that tension is fuel for creation. Artists can relate.

People in technology aren’t generally a very satisfied bunch. One of the mantras of the tech world is “scratch your own itch.” In other words, work on problems that bother you. And there are lots of things that bother you when you live half in the present and half in an imagined future. It’s how new technology transforms old industries. Marc Andreesen called it “software eating the world.”

Uber’s software is eating the taxi industry, Amazon ate bookstores, Netflix ate video stores, Spotify ate the music industry, etc. The guys behind these companies saw problems with the status quo that other’s didn’t see. That’s because they spend a lot of time in a sci-fi world of their dreams. It turns a present state – that most people accept – into an compelling set of problems for them to solve.

We feel very deeply that the way billing and payments are done today is dumb. It’s not even close to realizing its potential. That’s why we’re building artificially intelligent software to eat it.

Read more in “Software Eats Billing (Part 2)” to be published next week.

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