Make Billing Great Again

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We’re going to be wearing this hat in Phoenix.

Will it improve your economy? (Hell, yes!)

Will it start violent protests? (Hell, no! It’s about time billing companies started adding value again!)

Will being close to the Mexican border change how you see the hat? (We hope so! Nos encanta México! Nos encanta cruzar fronteras!)

(Warning: Stump speech below)

Why “Make Billing Great Again?” Billing created this industry in the 90’s. It was great. The industry wouldn’t exist without it. But for years the traditional IPSPs have charged high fees and they haven’t innovated.

Now Vendo is making billing great again with data. Traditional IPSP’s and billing companies are sitting on a goldmine of user data. They don’t do anything with it. They just waste it! Not us. We mine that valuable data for gold! We use it to provide services like dynamic pricing. By mining gold from your data Vendo is paying for itself and making billing great again. It’s a great deal!

Thank you and God bless billing!

(End stump speech)


fyi, if you want to see what your message would look like on a red hat with white letters…you can do it here courtesy of the Washington Post.

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