CES Basecamp Chat Day 2


Day 2

Buddy 12:33pm:

Ok, I take everything I said yesterday about TVs back. This is freaking cool.


Clay 4:52pm:

This seems like a cheap way to create content for virtual reality. Only around $500.We’re used to seeing rigs for creating VR content that look more like these and are too expensive for amateurs.

Here’s the link


Clay 5:01pm:

The integration of Watson with tracking devices is revolutionary. It’s the development I’m most excited about at this year’s CES. It’s artificial intelligence that analyzes your data (and the data of millions of others) and tells you want to do for optimal health. It measures sleep tells you the benefits of getting more sleep. Something that is easily overlooked when you haven’t slept well.

Here’s a quote: “For example, if data shows that people tend to run longer in cold weather, the app might suggest a time to go running based on temperature. It will also use calendar data to predict the best times of day to workout, and pull in local gym class schedules to tell you where to go for it.” There is a deeper level of learning about the person that AI is capable of and I’m looking forward to seeing how it can evolve. Community will certainly play a big role, too, as the data shows that family and friends support your fitness goals is the biggest predictor of whether you achieve your goals.


Clay 5:14pm:

How great is it that Netflix is now available in 130 new countries! I can finally stop worrying about clunky VPN access to Netflix. Woohoo!

Clay 5:32pm:

Here’s a fun idea from VW’s Golf-E Touch: Microphones in a car pick up voices and amplifying them for other passengers. Go ahead. Roll the windows down. It’s summer (somewhere else).


Clay 6:03pm:

Being able to control bluetooth devices from outside the normal range would be fantastic. It looks like this company is on its way there. Perfect for home.


Clay 6:37pm:

We are going to see many more activities being tracked by our wearables. Soul is a great example. It measures time you spend with other “souls” (er, people). Spend enough physical time with someone and the accompanying app can probably compute that you “like” them.

This is totally amazing

Can’t wait to try this one out


Mitch 7:13am:

Clay – Self-driving cars? That’s so last year. CES will not be complete this year if we don’t get a video of you test flying this guy:


Love that Samsung fridge too. Orders your groceries for you? Come on! Are we becoming too efficient? I find some of these normal day to day tasks can be enjoyable in a routine sort of way and help keep the stress levels down.

I am in the process of preparing for my first marathon and I totally want WATSON on my side. Every advantage helps. I spend a lot of time looking at weather forecasts trying to find optimal running times.


Mitch 7:25am:


How about this Gem? The Oura ring for sleep tracking and advice on how to rest better. Esthetically slick. I have never been a fan of having a tracker wristband on my arm while I sleep. 



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