CES Basecamp Chat Day 1


Ride along as we plan Clay’s annual trip to CES in Basecamp 3 chat.

Day 1, January 7 2016

Buddy 1:46pm:

@Clay will you be able to catch this?

And I have to say I really want one of these.


Buddy 2:13pm:

I’m going to be sooooooooo jealous if VW unveils a new ELECTRIC MICROBUS and you get to check it out…..


Clay 2:14pm:



Buddy 2:16pm:

I’d say VW has a LOT of work to do to earn back my trust after diesel-gate, but I have ALWAYS wanted a microbus. And electric would be the icing on the cake. 🙂

It looks like there will be a ton of new TVs there as usual. What could they possibly be debuting? My TV is already crystal clear and I’m fed up with “Smart” TVs. I want a dumb TV. I use an AppleTV and AmazonFire for everything. I don’t need my TV to be smart.


Mitch 2:27pm:

VW is making some slick station wagons. I have been eyeing them lately. Their cars stand up to Ibiza. Enough said.

LG is debuting the paper thin monitor that you can actually roll up to give you a full digital newspaper affect.


Clay 2:29pm:

It seems to be very difficult for TV makers to create software that people want to use. It reminds me of the story I read in the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs. Apple was deciding whether they should go after the iPhone. They were worried about Sony’s response because of its success with the Walkman. Jobs decided it was a safe bet for him to build the hardware of the iPhone, too, because hardware is easier to design and build than software. He was right.


Buddy 3:40pm:

He was totally right. At the end of the day, I have no desire to have a relationship with Samsung (the makers of my TV). I just want it to look good and have a place for me to plug in my AppleTV and AmazonFire.


Clay 4:03pm:

Yes, I think it is unlikely that Apple will get into the TV business (as has been rumored for a long time) because it is essentially a screen and there are many undifferentiated players who drive the price down. Where can Apple create value with screens? Hard to see it. I expect they will stay with the set top box, Apple TV.


Clay 5:12pm:

Mitch – I’m looking forward to getting hands on with that screen. For years and years we’ve waited for a commercially viable folding screen. Lot’s of exciting prototypes have come out of MIT and other places. We’ll see if LG will start mass producing it. Here’s a video


Clay 5:17pm:

This is the link


Clay 5:28pm:

Just watched the Samsung Keynote introducing their new products. What stood out for me is the evolution towards delivery of ingredients to the fridge based on recipes. As a chef I love going to the grocery store. My wife, on the other hand, can’t stand it. I think she is part of the larger market. Eliminating the need to go to the grocery store – and the whole food shopping process – would be a big deal for her. It would give her hours back each week. It would also be one less thing to check off the list. I imagine the next innovation is a tool that analyzes your eating and health habits then produces recipes for you to eat and goes ahead and orders the ingredients for automatic delivery. How much value does the average person add to this process? Not much. Particularly compared with a scientific analysis of behavior and health. It would be very hard for a human to create better results.

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