New Vendo Status Tools

We had some connectivity issues on Monday night into Tuesday that caused downtime. Our main host was the victim of a serious DDOS attack. Their whole network was brought down and as a result our platform was up and down while they fought to restore service.

I’ve been a business owner in the tech space since the early days of the web in the 90’s. I’ve faced DDOS attacks before. I know how difficult it can be to keep a network up when someone skilled and determined is trying to knock it down. On the other hand, since the attack was on the host – and not us – there was nothing I could do but sit and wait for more information. That combination of feeling helpless and not having up to date information is incredibly frustrating. As I explained the situation to Clay he suggested that we take a look at the way we deal with downtime. We want to make sure we are giving you the information you need to operate your business.

Here are changes we are making:

I’ve just created a new twitter handle: @VendoStatus going forward we will update that feed with information about any issues that are affecting the Vendo platform. We will ONLY post downtime, recovery, and related updates to this feed, so if you see an update you know it’s important.
We’re making a permanent page on our website this week where you will be able to check the Vendo platform’s status. This page will also contain any updates related to downtime and a link to our support.

We’re proud that our uptime for 2015 is +99.95%. But we hope these tools will be useful in the rare instances when we are down and that they can help you make sound business decisions in an emergency.

Finally, I’d like to sincerely apologize for the downtime this week. Downtime always sucks. Please know that we do everything we can to prevent it.

Happy Holidays,

-Buddy and the Vendo Team

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