Welcome Xisca!


Biomedical Engineering

We want to give a warm welcome to Xisca, our newest team member at Vendo.

We received 246 applications for our latest data scientist opening. Xisca distinguished herself with a background in biomedical engineering. She comes from an industry that is creating advanced technology to process terabytes of data to help develop cures for diseases. It’s about outsmarting wily, adapting opponents on the ever shifting battleground of the human body. Nothing stays the same in an environment defined by evolution.

It sounded familiar, like a good fit.

She’s now working alongside co-workers who also have backgrounds in biomedical engineering. Xisca’s joining our data science team to help us use artificial intelligence to sell better to each and every visitor…millions of them. She was attracted by the large scale and constant variety of the challenge. The fact that a visitor is not the same person at two o’clock in the afternoon as two o’clock in the morning; or in a rich neighborhood versus a poor one, and on and on (endless diversity) intrigued her. Creating real-time profiles of each visitor and adapting the way we sell (ex. price) for each visitor is an irresistible challenge. It requires building cutting edge tools to discover better ways to sell to each shopper.

Welcome to the team Xisca, we look forward to what we will discover together!

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