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Happy Halloween Everyone!
Halloween came early for me, I got my invite to the beta program for Basecamp 3. So I’m spending the day today geeking out. 🙂
So far it looks good. Actually I phrased that wrong:
So far it works well and it seems like they resolved some of the issues that frustrated me from Basecamp 2. The only issue I have is with how it looks. It just doesn’t grab me, everything I need is there but it feels cluttered.
Having said that I’m fairly confident that they’ll resolve this in beta.
37Signals is a company that prides itself on design so I expect the interface to evolve as the beta progresses. I’ll come back with a full write up of my thoughts after I’ve had some time to really work with it.
Until then feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments below.


One thought on “BOOM! Basecamp 3 Beta

  1. Being a Basecamp fan I was keen to check out BC3.

    The look and feel is done in a geeky-funk type style, and although a little confusing to the eye to begin with (especially if you are used to working with BC2), after ten minutes of navigating and playing I soon felt comfortable with the new layout and design.

    With my current project partner, I have been championing the benefits of BC as a high level management tool, especially if you are working with off-shore staff. I gave a presentation on how BC2 could potentially benefit the projects that we were working on, but there were some concerns surrounding sharing information with clients and the potential of mistakenly sharing the wrong information. And this is the rub and where BC3 has come into play. They have a new client-side feature that almost eliminates the possibility of inadvertently sharing the wrong information with your clients. The key to this is built into the new client emailing system that has been designed so that you only ever send to the client what you want them to see. Their email responses are also automatically loaded into the Basecamp project that the message originated from to ensure information traceability. But wait, that is not all!: if your client sends an email directly to you that contains information that should belong to a specific project, you now have the ability to forward that email to BC3 where it will be stored for future reference and from which you will have a transcript from which Todo’s can be updated and or created.

    Although my sales pitch did not quite get BC2 over the line, we have invested into Basecamp 3 with Clients package and as of Friday the 13th (I hope that is not a bad omen) we have started planning our client based projects with it.

    Baxxies at large!

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