Fighting Jet Lag…and Winning (Sometimes)


We’re on a whirlwind tour this week. Barcelona, Connecticut, Montreal, Silicon Valley, LA, Boston and back to Barcelona. A few people have asked about how we fight jet lag. Here’s what I do.

I’ve arrived at this process through lots of experimentation over the years. It works for me. It may sound like overkill but functioning without sleep isn’t really an option.

1. Exercise 30 minutes a day

These days I bring along TRX straps that I can hang on the door of the hotel room. They’re light. The exercises are on YouTube. In 30 minutes you have a full cardio workout.

2. Light on alcohol and caffeine

I drink a little alcohol but no caffeine.

3. Lots of sun

This is essential for resetting the body clock.

4. Walk 10,000 steps

After hours in planes there is nothing better than a long walk. My activity tracker helps with this. It’s also a good way to see the place I’m visiting. Yesterday I went to a local park to get the 10,000 steps.

5. Melatonin

A natural sleep aid. 5mg works for me.

6. Meditation

I do guided meditations of 10 minutes or so. I’m trying out Headspace. Great app.

7. Yoga

I use YouTube videos. I don’t travel with a yoga mat anymore. It took up too much space. Now I just lay out some of the hotel’s towels on the floor. My favorite videos are Jason Crandell’s 30 minute sessions.

8. Connect to the place

I try to do something fun where I am…like visiting a unique park or a local diner.

9. Connect to home

I try to listen to music that I normally listen to at home (ex. Ibiza Sonica)

10. Relax

If I’m tired I take a break. I’ve found that fighting jet lag when it comes on strong just makes it worse. In that moment it’s better just to give in a little.

Another tip: I don’t travel with checked luggage. It causes too much stress and lengthens travel time. Also, carrying my luggage gives me a little exercise (a core workout).

A lot of these things are good to do daily, of course, but they become essential when you have to be effective thousands of miles and many time zones from your home.

What are your routines for dealing with jet lag? Drop in the comment section and let us know.


One thought on “Fighting Jet Lag…and Winning (Sometimes)

  1. I have a friend who is a pilot for Emirates. I asked him about jet lag and he says that there is no quick cure. He said that the way he beats jet lag is by simply sleeping when he is tired! This is great, especially if you are a pilot who is lucky enough to have time factored into your schedule to catch up on sleep. Not all who are travelling can afford this luxury as there is usually a hectic business schedule to attend to soon after landing. Clay offers some good advice and the key is finding a travel rhythm that suites you best. Along with that, consider constant rehydration during a flight by drinking lots of water to counteract the affects of the dry atmosphere inside the plane.

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