Why build testing tools (Beta)?



Why test? There’s only one reason we can come up with. To eliminate doubt. If you are 100% sure of something you don’t test it.

We live in a world where everything is changing all the time.

We have to test to know that we are doing the right thing. And we all work with other people and there are always differences of opinion. We live in a world of doubt. No one is absolutely 100% sure of anything.

So we test to get rid of doubt. To really know what we know.

How do we know the test will actually eliminate doubt? Any test worth the effort only focuses on the thing it’s testing. It compares the alternatives side by side. It cuts out all of the confusion that could come from other factors. And it waits until the results prove that there is a real difference. That’s how we eliminate doubt. That’s how we know for sure that we aren’t losing money.

We are building tools that are easy to use and help our partners stop leaving money on the table. We are constantly testing as we build tools. It’s hard as hell and occasionally depressing. Progress is real but it’s slow. We were encouraged recently when an outside expert familiar with our system compared it favorably eBay’s and Netflix’s platforms.

Our partners have been asking us to make some of our testing tools available to them. They want to compare Vendo’s tools for billing plus selling with another billing provider. We’re happy to do it. The last thing a partner of ours should have to worry about is if his biller is leaving money on the table.

We’re making the tool available as a (Beta). Our partners set it up in 5 steps. It should eliminate doubts. It’s an easy to use tool to stop leaving money on the table. If in doubt, use it.

Request an invite to the Testing (Beta) at testing.vendostore.com

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