Why are Mooses replacing Hippos?



When the internet began HiPPOs* ruled the design process. Teams labored to build a single home page or sales funnel that would be best according to the HiPPOs.

Once the HiPPOs got the “best” design they didn’t want to change it because, in their opinion, it was the best design. Is hard to change your opinion. We’ve all seen home pages frozen in their design for years. That’s because HiPPOs don’t move very fast.

You could describe what HiPPOs were doing as mass marketing. Today the technology has changed. It’s possible to target individuals. We can do one to one selling now. What role do HiPPOs have in today’s world?

The HiPPOs are there to set the vision, establish the metrics and ensure that the designs match the vision.

But actual design choices? The MOOSEs** are in charge. The job of dedicated, talented designers is to produce the highest quality designs the MOOSEs tell them to make.

It was easy to hear from the HiPPOs in the corner offices. It’s harder to hear what the MOOSEs have to say. First, a large number and variety of designs are needed to feel out the market. For example, a typical Vendo seller uses thousands of design assets. Second, new designs are created using an iterative process, responding to market feedback. This process’s demand for quantity and variety effectively removes any executive from a hands on role. Once the vision is set, the customer is in charge.

Tech is driving a new paradigm in design. When it comes to actual designs HiPPOs have been replaced by MOOSEs and it’s a healthier ecosystem with happier customers buying more often. We see minimum 10% increases in conversion over the HiPPO’s design. Adapt or die.

*Highest Paid Person’s Opinions
**Millions Of Outputs of Shopper’s Experiences

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