Paysite Meetup: Interview with Paul

Mitch recently interviewed Paul about the Paysite Meetup... Read more


AI Pricing Results Updated Daily

Today Vendo is launching a live, daily update from our AI. It will share the day's AI pricing results across thousands of paysites. Read more

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Why We’re Launching Paysite Meetup

We're launching the new Paysite Meetup in Prague on May 4. Read more

Try New Things Concept

5 Reasons It’s Hard To Do New Things

Why do you have to be so stubborn and so tough to come up with something new? I’ve been asking that question about my own efforts to do new things over the last several years. Here are five reasons it's hard to do new things. Read more


Vendo and WebClicks Introduce Two New Beers to the Industry at Event in Barcelona

Vendo and WebClicks have announced they are rolling out two new branding campaigns at the “Welcome to Barcelona” happy hour event on March 3. Read more

Thank you

Thank you for voting us Biller of the Year!

The Vendo team wants to thank everyone who voted us the 2017 Biller of the Year. Read more


The High Cost of Education

It’s expensive to learn. But the costs of not knowing are even higher. Read more


On “On Writing Well”

We’ve just started reading an old book together at Vendo. It’s called, “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser. Read more


Why i-i-i-iterate?

Why i-i-i-iterate?

Because, like Louis C.K., we don’t get it right the first time. Read more


Breaking It All Down: Machine Learning 101

We talk a lot about machine learning. Machine learning is a combination of data and artificial intelligence. We know that these are powerful tools to help companies sell better. But we also understand that the concept of machine learning is very hard to understand. Read more


Treating Risk Like Cancer

Risk is like cancer. You want to cut it all out. You also want to leave all of the healthy cells untouched. It's not easy. Read more


Old tools are for old rules

We need new risk tools for new risk rules. Read more


VPC Capstone

A capstone sharing our experience with leadership and analytics for the VPC. Read more


Webcams and the real thing

25 years after coffee prompted the invention of the webcam, we still need to have a coffee together to create real relationships. Read more



This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Collaboration Tools” at the Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona on Wednesday, September 14th. Read more


What is marketing?

We do a lot of marketing. We thought we'd try to come up with a clear idea of what marketing means for us. Read more


Pre-VPC Check In: Collaboration Tools

A year ago at the Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona I shared my view that when there is a problem in a company it always boils down to communication. Read more


Case Study: Analytics Teams

This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Analytical Teams” at the Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona on Wednesday, September 14th. Read more

Why did we create our dynamic pricing demo?

Despite its gains and proven results, dynamic pricing is a complex topic. I can tell you by experience, it’s not an easy concept to get across to your prospects or customers. We realized that we were in need of a visual tool to make it easier for our clients to see the benefits of dynamic pricing.

Read more


Case Study: Analytical Tools

This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Analytical Tools” at the Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona on Tuesday, September 13th. Read more

standing meeting

Case Study: Meetings

This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Meetings” at the Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona on Tuesday, September 13th. Read more

5 habit loop

Case Study: Key Metrics

This is a business case study. It will be used to guide discussions during the session: “Key Metrics” at the Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona on Tuesday, September 13th. Read more

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VPC 2016

September 13th and 14th we are hosting our 3rd Vendo Partner Conference in Barcelona. Read more


Case Study: Testing

This case study on testing will be used to guide discussions on September 14th at the VPC. Read more

Barcelona Vienna

Case Study: Remote Working

A case study on remote working that will be presented September 14th at the VPC. Read more


Case Study: Reorganizing My Teams

A case study on reorganizing that will be presented September 13 at the VPC. Read more

5 things vendo learned from using facebook live

5 Things We Learned Using Facebook Live

We’ve played around with a few Facebook Live feeds in recent weeks, Here are 5 things we learned using this new social media tool. Read more

zen ai

Zen and the Art of AI

  Zen Buddhism celebrates contradictions. It uses them to snap the mind out of its normal patterns. It's little riddles, or koans,… Read more


The Importance of asking for Customer Feedback

I spent a big portion of this month interviewing several of our clients. I wanted to perform an audit of our services and technical platform. I also wanted to see how they feel about Vendo in general. Read more

5 Tips for Attending Trdeshows Vendo

5 Tips for Attending Trade Shows

Attending tradeshows takes a lot of effort. You want to make the best use of your time and investment. Here are 5 tips to make your next tradeshow a success. Read more


Internships: Why You Need One

Internships are valuable for students. Getting real world experience in a business helps interns understand the structure and workings of their chosen field. Vendo's intern Vanessa discusses her experiences and why she feels internships are important. Read more


Vendo Beach Volleyball Tournament

In Barcelona last month we organized a Beach Volleyball tournament. Read more


Quitting email

Ever thought of quitting email? You can. I'm doing it. Here’s my experience so far. Read more

human ai

Humans and AI today

What kind of relationship do we want with artificial intelligence (AI) as it exists today?
Read more


Myth Busting: Price Optimization = Dynamic Pricing

It's a myth that price optimization and dynamic pricing are the same thing. Read more

art of reporting

The Art of Reporting

Recently we have been creating new reports. It’s more of an art than a science. Read more


“That’s…so small”

I get it. Billing does seem really small. Read more


Software Eats Billing (Part 2)

How does software eat billing? Read more


Celebrating 100 posts!

Today we’re celebrating the first 100 posts on our blog. Read more


Software Eats Billing (Part 1)

What do nerdy, science fiction reading kids do when they grow up? They try to build the world of their dreams. Read more

good deal

“Good Sale” vs. “Good Deal”

A good deal is good for both parties. They both benefit. Read more


The Purpose of a Business is to Create a Customer

We apply a Drucker quote to Vendo's dynamic pricing. Read more


Meetings are killing my productivity Part 2

An update to my post from March 14 2016 about how much time I was spending in meetings and the effect that it was having on my productivity. Read more


Myth Busting: “Everyone will play a game to get lower prices”

Let's play a little game...and bust this myth. Read more

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Myth Busting: “Adjusting prices will hurt my brand”

A myth...because fixed prices are a myth, too. Let's bust them! Read more


Myth Busting: “Shop owners know the best price for their products”

The dinosaur billers have been spreading this one. Let's bust it. Read more

best price for shopper

Want to know the best price to give shoppers?

I don't. That may not sound very responsible. Read more

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Analytics: What the leaders are doing in 2016

The most attended educational panel at InterNEXT recently became a webinar. Read more

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Make Billing Great Again

We're going to be wearing this hat in Phoenix. Read more


Vendo’s View: March Madness

How does a huge, month-long televised sports tournament affect your US revenue? Read more


Meetings are killing my productivity

Last week I spent 24 hours in meetings. They're killing my productivity. Read more

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Vendo’s View: Top 5 Converting States (and the 5 Worst)

The presidential race is bringing endless analysis of the differences between states. One difference the media hasn’t focused on is conversion rates. Read more


Vendo’s View: Winter Storms Affect Conversions in the Northeast

So far this winter there have been three major storms in the Northeast. How did they affect conversions? Read more


Vendo’s View: Valentine’s Day Weekend Was Big…Texas Was Biggest

Valentine's Day was big business across the industry. It was biggest in Texas. Read more


We just did an A/B split test. 9 things went wrong (and got fixed!)

How do you compare yourself with others? It's not easy to do...but it's the only way to know the truth about your performance. Read more

the price is right

Do you know the right price for your product?

What can we learn about pricing on a short walk along Central Park? How will it change the way you do business in 2016? Read more


Free trip to Barcelona winner drawing

We are happy to announce the winner of our " Win a Free Trip to Barcelona" promo we hosted in Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Thank you to everyone who participated! Read more

Day Parting (Not a Typo)

Three companies (Best Buy, Amazon and Sears) are selling the same product online. Amazon and Best Buy's algorithms are changing prices to follow changes in demand. Sears isn't changing its price. Read more


CES Basecamp Chat Day 2

Ride along as we plan Clay’s annual trip to CES in Basecamp 3 chat. Day 2 Read more


CES Basecamp Chat Day 1

Ride along as we plan Clay's annual trip to CES in Basecamp 3 chat. Read more


January 2016 Seminar Preview

Hear all about what you can look forward to in the January seminar. Read more